Our Story

Yo Cai, Inc. began as a scrap metal company that specialized in salvaging semi-trailers. Wood floor trailers were seen as second rate; as the floor was a waste by product at the scrap yard. We also hated seeing all of the wood flooring end up in the landfill. It went against our core values and beliefs as an ecofriendly company.Once we realized there was a demand for our flooring, we diversified the business. We now save every floor possible. We’re proud of the fact that we are giving new life to these old trailers.
Our President, Dave McLaughlin, is a Colorado native who has been working in the transportation industry since 1996. With our extensive base of customers in the transportation industry, we are able to procure a large inventory of trailers and get the best product for our customers.We are often asked where the name Yo Cai, Inc. (YCI Reclaimed Hardwood) came from. Dave didn’t want to name his company the cliché “Dave’s Hardwood” or “Dave’s scrap metal”. He decided to incorporate his kid’s names into the company name. Both of his kids were adopted from China and were born Yo Fu Meng, now Avery, and Dang Fu Cai, now just Cai. Thus Yo Cai, Inc.
We’re passionate about recycling and repurposing. Having the ability to reclaim wood floors allows us to recycle more trailers. We recycle thousands of tons of metal per year in the form of semi-trailers, as well as repurposing thousands of square feet of wood each year which would otherwise end up in the landfill. Our amazing customers end up with a superior old growth product with great character. Thank you for your purchase and doing your part to save our forests!

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