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Our planks are reclaimed from decommissioned semi-trailers, also known as railcars. They are typically 12” wide and 1 ¼’ thick. If your project requires planks that are thinner we may also have some in stock. Planks are truly reclaimed and have the character that only comes with years of daily use. Every floor we remove is a little bit different depending on that trailers use. Your project will be a unique one of a kind piece. Depending on the function of your project and personal taste you can choose from very rough surfaces to a fairly smooth surface. The majority of our customers prefer to use the (work) side of the plank that has withstood the test of time from daily use, however, the underside or roadside of the board is a great alternative. The underside tends to be much smoother and will have a 2” rust mark where it was secure to the frame of the trailer.

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All hardware used to secure the floor to the frame is included with your order. We may also have the VIN plate which has the history from the trailer and usually includes information such as date of mfg., serial number, and manufacturer, etc. It’s nice to have a story to go with your project. We try to include VIN plates with larger orders. Ask your salesman about availability.

Our product is often grouped into the same category as barn wood. Since barn wood is usually used only for walls of a barn it isn’t as thick and was made from whatever material was readily available. Semi-trailer flooring was built to withstand being driven over with forklifts daily and carrying heavy loads of cargo for thousands of miles. Due to the nature of its function, semi-trailer flooring is a much more durable material. This translates into a much sturdier end product. The downside to the durability of our wood is the weight. While every trailer is different, we usually use 5 ½ lbs. per square foot as a rule of thumb. Please take that into consideration for your product.

Working with Product

Once you’ve made your purchase and are ready to begin working with your wood there are a few things to consider. If you plan on milling the surface of the wood, I recommend a belt sander. A palm sander will also work but is much more time consuming. I don’t recommend using a plainer as reclaimed wood will occasionally have a nail or two in it and can ruin your blade. If you plan to use the bolts provided, all you need is a dab of wood glue on the threaded end. Most people insert bolts prior to applying finish.

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